FAQ and Troubleshooting


How do I install the Gmail Plugin?
 1. Register and complete the signup form
2. Check your email and confirm your email address
3. Install Gmail plugin
4. Follow the browser prompts to approve plugin
5. Open your Gmail account
6. Sign in to Hexigo's plugin (using your Hexigo registration details)


I’m sending an email to someone who doesn’t have Hexigo. What do they see?
You can still use all the Hexigo functionality even when emailing someone who does not Hexigo.
Simply email the person and use any Hexigo functionality you desire (such as Notifications and Requests). The other person will receive the email with all of the mark-up as you sent it; a yellow box for a ‘Request’, and highlighted blue text for a Notification etc.

So the receiver will immediately see when a decision has been suggested or approved. However, if the receiver is not a Hexigo user they won’t see the colour markers in their inbox or get the action buttons in their email (such as Notify and Approve).

Encourage others to use Hexigo. They simply click on the “Powered by Hexigo” text in the email to begin the registration process.


Why can’t I use the "Request" button?
You might see the "Request" button has been greyed-out in some circumstances. This is quite deliberate. You cannot request an outcome or decision in an email chain until the current, active one has been approved or reworked. This is to ensure all requests are formally finalized. Simply "Approve" or "Rework" the current decision and then you will be able to "Request" another one.


Why don’t the "Approve" and "Rework" buttons work?
You might notice the "Approve" and "Rework" buttons have been greyed-out. This is because a "Request" has not yet been made and there is nothing yet to "Approve" or "Rework". Once a "Request" has been made the "Approve" and "Rework" buttons will become active.


Why don’t I see any of the Hexigo buttons?
You have to open the email and hit Reply or Reply All in order for the buttons to appear.


Can I forward the email or reply after a decision has been made?
Absolutely. Just because an outcome has been reached it does not mean the email chain needs to finish. You can keep the conversation going by replying to your colleagues or forwarding the email to someone else.

One of the great things about Hexigo, is that it does not change how your email works. Everything you normally do in email remains the same, even if they have decisions or notifications in them... drag an email into a folder, forward the email, archive it etc. Your Outlook functionality is exactly the same.