Hexigo is your email-helper. It installs directly into your Gmail to make your email more productive.

Task Management inside your email

Hexigo detects when you've been asked to do something and dynamically creates a task for you and the person who gave you the task, all inside your Gmail.

You and your colleague can track the task together and, more importantly, you can clean out your inbox...getting that weird sense of satisfaction when you do.

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Don't use your inbox as a to-do list

We all use our inbox as a to-do list and our inbox gets loaded because we can't delete any of these emails.

Hexigo automatically creates a to-do list for you; for tasks you need to do, and the ones you need others to do. This means you can delete the emails from your inbox knowing you are in control of your tasks.

See how Hexigo automatically creates your to-do list

Can I use Hexigo on my own?

Absolutely. You can use Hexigo on your own. You don't need any of your colleagues to use Hexigo to get the benefits.

Email is a collaboration tool so it works best when you're using it with others. Hexigo is the same; the more of your team using it, the bigger the impact. However you don't need others to use it to improve your own productivity.

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I'm still waiting for the boss to approve it

We ask for approval on issues everyday; "Can we extend the project deadline by 2 days?" "Can we buy this item?"

But your manager hasn't even seen the email because it's one of 150 they got that morning, and now the team is waiting on the go-ahead.

Hexigo identifies emails that require action, and provides the ability to tangibly approve or deny the request quickly and clearly so you can move ahead.

See how Hexigo handles approvals

Email threads suck

Giant email threads not only clog your inbox but usually create more confusion than clarity.

Hexigo streamlines these threads by driving teams to make tangible, clear decisions. No more open-ended conversations. No more ambiguity. No more wading through 15 emails to find the outcome.

See how Hexigo generates tangible outcomes

Security and stuff

We know email is a very sensitive topic for IT and compliance teams. This is why Hexigo never intercepts, reads or records any of your emails. All your email content remains inside your Gmail, everything you do stays on your computer. We will never on-sell or distribute any of your information to any third-party.

Hexigo is safe and secure, and compatible with your network secure policies. Want to know more about this: ask us

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