Email is great for connecting people but it absorbs a huge amount of time. However it’s not email’s fault, we are using it for things it was never intended for. Think of Hexigo as your email-helper, designed to give you back some of the hours you spend in email.

Task Management in email

“Sarah, I need you to do XYZ by Friday please”.

Sound familiar? Every time you send an email asking someone to do something you’re giving them a task. You may not think of it that way, but that is what you are doing: assigning them a task.

Email is lousy at task management because there is no way to track the status of a task without sending more email… and no one wants more email. 

Hexigo can help.

Is your Inbox your to-do list?

Do you use your inbox as a to-do list, even though you know you shouldn't?

Keeping track of the tasks you’ve been asked to perform is painful because you need to manually create a task every time. It’s just easier to leave the email in your inbox, isn’t it?

But we all know this doesn't work very well; your inbox gets overloaded with new emails, the ones that need your attention slip down the pile and soon you've lost track of the tasks you were asked to do.

Hexigo can help

But we've tried Task Management before

I bet you've tried Task Management before...and it failed miserably didn't it?

Most task management systems contain functionality that is total overkill and too complex for mere mortals.

The majority of us don’t need half of this functionality. Not only is it unnecessary but it’s confusing and harder for your team to adopt.

Hexigo is ridiculously easy to use; providing your team with the ability to assign, track and manage tasks... and nothing else. Your whole company should be able to use Hexigo without any training.

Just stay inside your inbox...things are scary outside

Another reason your previous task management system failed was because no one would use it.

Let’s be honest; we live in our email. Trying to get people out of their email to use something else is almost impossible. No one wants to log into yet another system.

With Hexigo, don’t fight it, just stay in your email. Hexigo works from directly within Gmail. You can manage and track all your tasks without ever leaving your email. No second interface, no copying and pasting, no new passwords to remember.